Start-Up Checklist

Launching your ideas into a successful venture will take careful planning and a thorough understanding of your financial, legal, and regulatory obligations. The basic things you will need to do to start a business are listed below. For help with these items, browse through the local resources section of this website to discover the many organizations who can give you the assistance you need.

  1. Complete business planning
    • Identify problem and develop solution
    • Study industry, markets, and competition
    • Estimate startup costs
    • Estimate operating expenses
    • Estimate sales potential
    • Prepare Cash Flow Projection & Break even Analysis
  2. Identify sources of financing – investments, loans
  3. Choose business structure
  4. Select and register business name
  5. Obtain website domain name
  6. Obtain tax identification number
  7. Obtain other permits and registrations
  8. Office or retail space
    • Analyze size, location, traffic, parking
    • Negotiate lease or purchase
  9. Open bank accounts
  10. Set up other trade accounts
  11. Set up record-keeping system
  12. Secure insurance
  13. Purchase office equipment and supplies
  14. Purchase fixtures and equipment
  15. Order inventory
  16. Set up systems to pay bills and receive payments
  17. Hire key employees
    • Register as employer
    • Prepare job descriptions
    • Interview and hire
  18. Train employees
  19. Start marketing and advertising and selling
  20. Assemble Team of Advisors