IT Startup Loan Programs

IT Startup Loan Programs are a flexible and low-rated solution for IT business owners that allows them to transform their idea into reality. These programs give an opportunity to enter the ring and create innovative technology at the top of the line. In addition, they allow you to purchase the necessary equipment and cover the cost of marketing, rent, bills, and any other expenses you may face while starting and growing your business.

LOANS TERMS AND LIMITS: Depending on the lender, you can borrow from $1,000 to $1,000,000. The terms may vary and start from 3 months for cash advance loans to 7 years for some traditional financial programs.

RATES: Rates are set based on different factors, including your credit score, loan terms, project cash flow, and risks. Each lender sets its rates.

GETTING A LOAN WITH BAD CREDIT: This opportunity depends on the lender. Most banks provide a hard credit check which means you have a lower chance of getting a startup loan with a poor credit score. At the same time, your credit history will not be a problem if you apply for a cash advance loan from a direct lender.

ELIGIBLE BUSINESS: Recommended for small or mid-sized businesses with fixed assets and demonstrated revenues.