Want to see the future of transportation? The CMU Hyperloop pod reveal in photos


Amanda WaltzBusiness & Tech News

February 13, 2017

What if traveling at the speed of sound became a normal part of your daily commute? That’s one dream a group of Carnegie Mellon University students is closer to realizing as part of SpaceX Hyperloop, a worldwide competition created by mega-entrepreneur Elon Musk to develop a high-speed ground transportation system.

But how exactly does one stop an object traveling at more than 700 miles per hour?

That was one of the many questions covered last night during an event at CMU where the Hyperloop team revealed the pod prototype they spent more than a year and a half building. Made of steel and aluminum, and topped with a black, lightweight carbon fiber shell, the design recently topped 150 concepts presented at the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition in Hawthorne, CA.

CMU Hyperloop previouslybeat out 1,500 other teams to become a semi-finalist in the competition

The event featured presentations by CMU Hyperloop founder Anshuman Kumar, lead engineer Karthik Chandrashekaraiah and marketing lead Lauren D’Souza. After the unveiling, audience members lined up to experience a virtual reality simulation that imagines what a ride in a pod would be like.

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