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PitchBook is the leading research firm for Private Equity and Venture Capital. PitchBook offers the most comprehensive industry information available through its core product, the PitchBook Platform, as well as its daily newsletter and research reports.

PitchBook was founded in direct response to a growing market demand for a high quality, comprehensive information product dedicated solely to the private equity and venture capital industries. The PitchBook Platform was designed to cater specifically to the unique research and workflow needs of this exclusive niche, supporting every stage and aspect of a transaction-from sourcing deals to networking to establishing comparables. And our PE and VC research follows every deal from initiation to exit, in order to better gauge the true success of an investment.

Who is eligible for this resource?
Pitchbook is available to those who have companies and are interested in understanding current investment trends and data within a market niche.

Important features of this funding option:
There is no cost to use this resource if you go through Brian Baum – contact information listed below.

Range of funding: n/a
Contact email: info@pitchbook.com
Website URL: http://pitchbook.com/