Who is eligible for this funding option?
Anyone with a valid bank account can create a project on Indiegogo.

Important features of this funding option:
Money raised through this platform are donations and do not have to be paid back. If your campaign is set up as Flexible Funding, you will be able to keep the funds you raise, even if you don’t meet your goal. If your campaign is set up as Fixed Funding, all contributions will be returned to your funders if you do not meet your goal.

It’s free to sign up, to create a campaign, and to contribute to a campaign. When your campaign raises funds, Indiegogo charges a 9.0% fee on the funds you raise. If you reach your goal, you get 5.0% back, for an overall fee of 4.0%.  (If you are a 501(c)(3) organization you receive a 25% reduction in fees).

Range of funding: Unlimited!
Website URL: