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Startup of the Month – CS Supplies

CS Supplies

Q: Tell us more about CS Supplies and where the inspiration came from.

A: CS Supplies is a U.S. based company committed to providing innovative and superior quality solutions to the public health sector both locally and internationally. Our primary focus is committed to furthering the protection against germs and bacteria, through the distribution of enhanced products designed to meet the consumer’s needs. It is our long-term goal to create lasting relationships with end-users, where we can offer a range of products to connect the dots between them. We apply skill, market sense, and a vast network of trusted partners to source and distribute physical products that meet client specifications and optimize value chains.

Q: What made it possible for your company to start?

A: In the wake of many infectious diseases, growing awareness of hand hygiene has been driving the market for industrial and institutional hand care products in the United States. Due to their popularity among consumers, foam hand soaps is the fastest growing product type. There is tremendous opportunity to grow with instant hand sanitizers due to the convenience they offer consumers in maintaining hand hygiene on-the-go where there is no access to soap and water.

Q: Why Pittsburgh?

A: Hospitals are the largest end-use segment of hand care products, as well as the fastest growing segment, driven by the need to prevent the spread of germs. Pittsburgh offers two world renowned hospital systems that would be an excellent market for this state of the art hand sanitizer. In addition to excellent healthcare systems, Pittsburgh has always been on the cutting of edge of innovation.

Q: How does CS Supplies differ from other supplies companies?

A: While there are several supply companies that offer similar products, CS Supplies has the ability to offer EPA and FDA accredited products, which are proven to provide protection from germs for an extended period of time. Every year there are new and emerging bacteria, viruses and fungi, like Ebola, SARS, West-Nile Virus, MRSA, VRE to name a few. This is becoming a serious public health concern that will affect all of us in our lifetime and has been reported to potentially kill every 3 seconds by year 2050. We have the unique ability to proactively bring awareness to this serious problem and offer solutions that will effectively help with prevention.

Q: Expand more on your products such as Protect 8 Hand Sanitizer and the Smart Compliance Kit.

A: Protect 8 hand sanitizer products are the next generation of hygiene technology. They are alcohol and perfume-free and contain a skin emollient that will not damage its natural oils.

  • FDA compliant, CDC accepted
  • Will not sting or dry hands
  • Odor free
  • Long-lasting foaming formula increases wet contact time

Smart Compliance First aid kits that reduces costs, simplifies OSHA compliance and improves the quality of first aid solutions for end users:

  • Ideally suited for large multi-site businesses and multi-geographic location operations (chains, franchises, branches)
  • Provides OSHA compliance and non-compliance fine-protection for customers

Q: What’s next for CS Supplies?

A: CS Supplies will be looking to offer the same innovative and superior quality products to Central America with existing distribution agreements in Costa Rica and El Salvador.

Q: What suggestions or advice might you have for other startups and entrepreneurs beginning in Pittsburgh?

A: My advice to start ups that are beginning, is to stay focused at all times! Utilize every resource that is available to you, but most importantly, don’t give up, don’t ever give up!



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