Startup of the Month: Gallery on Penn

URA, in partnership with Circles Greater Pittsburgh, Paramount Co-Op, Larimer Consensus Group, and East Liberty Development, Inc. have collaborated in the opening of Catapult’s Gallery on Penn, a new retail incubator in the heart of East Liberty. Catapult’s mission has been to mentor local and minority-owned business owners in their operations from the beginning, providing support while they fine tune and now a space to sell their products. This gives entrepreneurs a pathway to independence in showcasing their products on one of the busiest streets in the city.

These retailers include:

Cobblerworld – Terina Hicks bakes delicious sweets and treats including cobblers, cheesecakes, turnovers, and sweet potato pie.

IMIHI Designs – Alexis Cathie promotes a body positive and inclusive brand that is for women of all shapes and sizes. Every garment that is ordered has been handcrafted to each customers size choice or provided measurements.

Kin of Duncan Apparel – Jasmine Duncan designs adorable clothing for children, pets, dolls, etc.

Naptural Beauty Supply, LLC. –  LaShesia Holliday creates natural and cruelty free beauty and skin care products such as lip balm, lip scrub, and beard oil.

TLC Libations – Diane and Erika Turner strive to bring a unique and special touch to any event by offering premium homemade TLC Sangria, custom cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages and highlights regional wineries & breweries.

360 Cafe LLC – Tyleda Worou focuses on reconnecting and nurturing your spiritual, emotional, and physical health with aromatherapy and other non-Western medical techniques.

Store also provides space for popup vendors to sell their products throughout the year.

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5935 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206