Startup of the Month

Startup of the Month: S’more

Q: Could you tell us about S’more? 
A: S’more makes it simple to create gorgeous newsletters, collaborate with colleagues, and analyze results. It’s an easy way to ensure consistency and accountability in your communication and to transform the way your audience engages with your content. We were started in 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel and have steadily grown over the last 7 years, especially in the Edtech market. We really value a small-company culture and currently have 16 employees in Tel Aviv. In January, we officially opened our Pittsburgh office and have 2 full-time employees here!

Q: What features do you find separate S’more from its competition?
A: S’more is extremely easy to use. There isn’t any special design or technical skills needed to use our
product and anyone can create a beautiful, engaging newsletter in minutes.

Q: Why do you believe S’more has been able to grow so quickly in a short amount of time?
A: We found a great market fit. S’more is well-designed and easy to use and we really fulfill a need for many people. Everyone wants to communicate and engage with their intended audience and then see the
impact of that communication in real-time. We give people that ability.

Q: What are the biggest differences between doing business in Israel and the United States?
A: As an international company that does most of its business in North America, the biggest issue was the time difference. It is a huge challenge to communicate with customers and clients when you’re 7-10
hours ahead. Being able to have an office in the US is an advantage for us because we are able to cover
the same hours as our customers. It is also so much easier for us to accept checks and payments for our
larger accounts.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about why you selected Pittsburgh?
A: I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio and always had a fascination with the “big” city of Pittsburgh. When my husband and I decided to move back to the US from Israel, we could have chosen any city in the US.
After an exhaustive search, we settled on Pittsburgh because of multiple factors: the emerging tech
scene, the cost of living, access to big city amenities, and the overall livability. Pittsburgh just made
sense for the life we wanted to live. For S’more, we connected with the tech scene and the potential to
build a sustainable presence in Pittsburgh.

Q: What are your future plans for the company? Are any new features coming soon?
A: We’re excited to be in Pittsburgh, and would love to continue growing our team here, and to become
more involved in community initiatives. In terms of new features, we have a lot of great stuff in the
works, and we’ve spent the last few months working on some pretty big things that we aim to release
later this year. We’re really looking forward to seeking how our users engage with what we’re working

Q: What suggestions or advice might you have for other startups and entrepreneurs that have just
moved to Pittsburgh?
A: Time and time again, I keep hearing how important it is to reach out and show up. There are so many
resources for startups and entrepreneurs — URA, Pittsburgh Tech Council, etc. Pittsburghers seem to
love new companies and really want to help whether that’s with financing, connecting entrepreneurs, or
offering resources.