Coworking Space

Catapult PGH

Catapult is a coworking community of independent workers with an awesome space in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville. We are designers, developers, writers, entrepreneurs, comedians, and creatives of all types. Stop by sometime.  Payments operate on the honor system with PayPal: People use the space to varying degrees and have a wide range of budgets, depending on who they work for, whether or not they’re paying out of pocket, the non-monetary ways in which they contribute, etc. Since Catapult is a community, we operate an honor system for payments. There are suggested amounts for using the space (Flex desk: $75/month or Fixed Desk: $150/month) but you can name your own price depending on your ability to pay. Perks:

  • 5,000 sq.


4327 Butler St, 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15201
(804) 338-2663