Seed Funding

Innovation Works Energy Program Seed Fund

It’s your vision. We help make it a reality. Helping entrepreneurs create successful businesses is what Innovation Works (IW) is all about. Companies as diverse as 4moms, Aurochs Brewing, Cognition Therapeutics, Diamond Kinetics, IAM Robotics, nanoGriptech & many others were launched with IW’s assistance. IW provides what all successful startups need during their earliest stages: mentorship, connections to customers and others, and funding: Mentorship Advice & guidance from IW’s professional team, led by a very experieinced Executive in Residence who works directly with the company as well as acts as a liaison to other professionals within IW including HR, marketing (digital & otherwise), legal, accounting, technology assessment & government program access. Valuable Connections IW provides timely access to its networks of mentors, other entrepreneurs, potential customers or suppliers, professionals including legal, accounting, marketing, & product design, and investors including angels, angel groups, and institutional venture capital, among others. Building Your Team & Culture The success of your vision depends as much on your team as it does on yourself. We’ll help you attract a team that is ready to bring big ideas and strong experiences to your company. Funding IW may be able to provide critical capital to help selected technology entrepreneurs get out of the starting blocks and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. In any given year, roughly 200 entrepreneurs seek IW’s assistance of which about 20 will receive initial funding. Who is eligible for this funding option? Early stage startups in alternative energy and energy efficiency technologies.