Crowd Funding


Hatch is a civic crowdfunding platform serving Allegheny County.  Hatch allows you to find and fund projects that directly benefit your local community, giving you the ability to choose where you see change.

Hatch projects range from small business start-ups and expansions, to arts programs, to individual residents with a good idea. No matter what the project, it must be designed to benefit your neighborhood.

Who is eligible for this funding option?
Any individual or group with a project that benefits a community within Allegheny County. They can be projects that are nonprofit in nature (e.g. – a community garden) but aren’t implemented by a formal, incorporated nonprofit organization.  They can also be for-profit in nature, such as a small business start-up or a campaign to raise money for business-related expenses.

The onus is on the project creator to show that the project will benefit the community.  The only projects that aren’t eligible for Hatch are those that only provide benefit to an individual or a selective group of individuals. The PDCDC staff reserves the right to reject projects on this basis.

Important features of this funding option:
The most important feature of Hatch is the commitment to keeping money within Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods. If a community group refers a project to Hatch or posts one themselves, the 6% administrative fee charged to each transaction will be split with that group 50-50.

Another important feature is what we call our Hatch concierges.Each project creator is assigned a staff person to assist with planning through funding completion, including promotion of the project.

Hatch isn’t all-or-nothing crowdfunding, meaning that the project don’t necessarily have to hit its funding goal to still receive the funds you raised.  This is established on a case by case basis. Projects that can benefit from any amount of funds raised (e.g. – a food drive) are exempt from all-or-nothing funding.