Coworking Space

The Beauty Shoppe

Beauty Shoppe is a 24/7 network of neighborhood coworking and office spaces, designed for individuals, small businesses, and enterprise-level corporations.


Raised in the values, principles and practices of coworking, we honor neighborhoods, neighbors, and the dignity of all forms of work. We want to know our members and understand their needs. We facilitate introductions where appropriate, and love seeing members do business with each other. Those who prefer freedom from disturbance can find a happy home here as well.

Our primary focus is you and your business, and how we service you is our obsession. What we do is also unique. We create complete urban spaces for work, professional gatherings, food and drink, and the showcasing of a city’s cultural talents. Hotel lobby meets coffee shop meets office. We’re more excited than ever to set the stage for your journey, your business and your day. We cater to all.


With one membership and anytime, anywhere flexibility, individuals and teams have 24/7 to a network of work and meeting spaces across markets.

Flex office seating is ideal for the freelancer, individual entrepreneur, startup working towards getting that idea to market, or the traveler who requires flexible thinking and work space. Flex members have round-the-clock access to multiple buildings, all space amenities and events at the price of a cup of coffee/day.

Desk memberships are ideal for individuals and small teams – or large teams seeking cost efficiency – wanting flexible access to workspace 24/7 and requiring dedicated desk space. Beautiful desks, secure filing cabinetry, ergonomic office seat, and a smart task lamp form the workstation package, with sound acoustics and close proximity to phone booths and meeting rooms to keep work fluid and fruitful.

Following the demand for mid spec, super functional private office, we decided to design an office that is both private and open. Our offices are sized for one to ten individuals, and are intended for detail-oriented teamwork and collaboration. All offices are equipped with whiteboards, plentiful space and lighting, cabinet storage units, and ergonomic office seats to keep work comfortable and easy, yet focused.