Venture Capital

Draper Triangle Ventures

You See The Opportunity. We Invest In Your Potential. Draper Triangle is a venture capital firm that partners with the Midwest’s most extraordinary entrepreneurs who set out to change the world.  Our firm was formed in the crucible of Pittsburgh’s reinvention from Steel City to leading center of technology. We have expanded across the Midwest and financed some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs and successful technology companies as modern entrepreneurship has spread throughout the region. Learn More

Tempo + Values = The Midwest Difference Midwest values meets technology. That’s how we like to think of our approach to investing.  We have fused the best attributes from the West Coast tech industry and the valued work ethic of the Midwest to finance and partner with companies pioneering fast-paced innovation.

We Fund Disruptive Technologies Technology fused with entrepreneurship in supportive entrepreneurial ecosystems. That defines today’s Midwest. Innovators with vision shape the world of tomorrow, whether in software, robotics, medical devices, mobile applications, or connected devices. The model company would consist of a complete and experienced management team, a proprietary product line in a $100-$500 million growing market. The company’s product must have the potential of capturing a large market share and have a well-defined channel for selling into the market. These criteria are accorded differing weights in each individual situation, but the one to which we most consistently give the heaviest weight is the management team. Who is eligible for this funding option? As a general guideline, Draper Triangle Ventures is seeking Series A Round investments between $250,000 to $2 million in technology companies. The companies must have the potential to achieve strong profitability and sales of up to $50 million within 3 to 5 years.


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