Angel Funding

BlueTree Allied Angels

BlueTree Allied Angels, formed in 2003, is Western Pennsylvania’s leading angel network. We are a members-only group of accredited investors focused on funding promising start-up companies. BlueTree Allied Angels meets monthly to evaluate and consider private equity investments in early-stage, pre-institutional ventures in Western Pennsylvania and the surrounding regions. Our mission is to provide investment opportunities where members can obtain outstanding financial returns while mitigating investment risk.  We are currently accepting new investors and encourage accredited investors to visit the “Investors” portal of our website to learn more.

Who is eligible for this funding option? BlueTree’s portfolio reflects the diversity of its membership. Members invest in companies in a variety of industries and stages of growth. We focus on early stage companies with potential for significant growth and exit potential within 3-5 years. The group generally does not invest in research and development. Most members are more comfortable with business risk (i.e., how do you attract and retain customers) than technical risk (i.e. will the product work). Thus, companies that have completed initial product development and are executing a plan to address the business risks are more likely to receive investment. Exceptions are sometimes made for strong management teams with prior start-up experience.

Important features of this funding option: BlueTree Allied Angels strongly prefers to invest in preferred stock, but will occasionally make exceptions for convertible notes in specific cases. We will not invest in common stock.


P.O. Box 1323 Wexford, PA 15090