Venture Capital

Eagle Ventures

With more than 40 years in business, Mel Pirchesky, founder of eagle ventures, has a very diverse and, in many ways, unparalleled track record. His accomplishments include being an effective money raiser, a successful CEO, turnaround specialist, and an entrepreneurial coach and marketer.

He leads financings only for highly selected opportunities and works with the enterprise’s entrepreneur so that he or she can develop the most effective articulation of their value proposition and successfully secure the funding they deserve from predominately what’s known as “super-angel” investors.

Mel also provides CEO coaching and financial advisory services.

What do you get?
Eagle Ventures:

  • Brings together potentially great opportunities with prospective angel investors who have a challenge of trying to find them.
  • Provides cost-effective financing for entrepreneurs that they would not otherwise have access to.
  • Provides the entrepreneur with a choice of investor-advisors for Board representation who have built their own businesses.
  • Works with investors and the entrepreneur to maximize the likelihood that the value-add of their opportunity will be realized.
  • Eagle’s principal has raised and invested greater than $100 million of equity in the western PA region, almost all of it exclusively from high net worth individuals.


Mel Pirchesky