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Innovation Works

Turning ideas into companies Our mission is to introduce, connect, support and expand the startup & entrepreneurial ecosystem within Southwestern Pennsylvania, making our region a center for innovative startups and tech investors from around the country. Our portfolio spans key sectors of strength in the Pittsburgh region including robotics, artificial intelligence, medical devices, retail technologies, enterprise software and others. Some high profile and fast growing portfolio companies include 4Moms, Wombat Security, Bossa Nova Robotics, JazzHR, ALung Technologies, Civic Science, Vivisimo (acquired by IBM), Modcloth (acquired by WalMart) and NoWait (acquired by Yelp).  We support tech entrepreneurs through each stage of their idea — helping them build their startup from scratch, find the resources to grow their company and find the funding they need to keep their idea moving forward. The largest seed stage investor in Southwestern PA. Innovation Works is the largest seed stage investor in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region, and one of the most active in the country.  We are dedicated to serving growth-focused tech entrepreneurs throughout the Pittsburgh region in order to create jobs, wealth and to see our startup community thrive. Who is eligible? Technology startup companies in Southwestern PA.


Nova Tower 2 Two Allegheny Center, Ste. 100 Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 681-1520