Crowd Funding

Honeycomb Credit

Invest Local. Invest in What You Love.

Did you ever wonder why you could buy stocks on your phone in seconds but if you wanted to invest in a local business you practically had to be a millionaire?

Well no longer! For as little as $100, Honeycomb allows you to lend money to businesses you love, right in your community.

Together, we’re helping local businesses, while unlocking new investment opportunities for you.

Honeycomb allows local small businesses to borrow expansion capital of up to $50,000 from their own loyal customers.  We provide businesses with fair and transparent growth funding while simultaneously helping them promote their expansion project to the community. And better still, local community members and loyal customers can invest in their favorite small businesses.

Who is eligible for this funding option?

Locally owned businesses with a devoted customer following. We prefer storefront businesses or other businesses with a physical touch point with their customers (e.g.


George Cook